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​Chayhane halal menu

​What is halal food?

Halal (English: halal, Arabic: حلال Halāl) is an Arabic word meaning "permissible" in Islam. For Muslims (Muslims), it is important to ask whether not only the food they eat, but also their actions, actions, clothing, etc., are halal. . Muslims live by eating halal food, which is permitted by God. Halal foods include milk and eggs. Beef and chicken are allowed, but haram pork and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Not only pork itself, but also products containing ingredients derived from pigs, livestock that have eaten feed containing pigs, and foods that have come into contact with pigs are totally contraindicated.

​Chayhane halal food

​One of the purposes of providing halal food at our restaurant is so that Muslims in Japan and Muslims visiting Japan can enjoy meals and spend their time in Japan with peace of mind. is to help We have a wide variety of halal dishes, including ethnic foods that are familiar to Muslims, authentic Persian cuisine, and Japanese cuisine that you can find in a popular cafeteria.Halal also means "healthy, clean, high quality, high nutritional value", so it is a dish that non-Muslims can also enjoy.



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